Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the impact of recreation on the Upper Saco River. We work to achieve this goal through educational outreach and the active management of river landings in Fryeburg and Brownfield as well as the beaches, sandbars, and lands adjacent to the river.

Founded in 1983 in response to a rapid rise in canoeing and camping on the Saco River during the 1970s, the Saco River Recreational Council is an association made up of local canoe rental companies (liveries), conservation organizations, landowners, and various regional and state agencies. Its purpose is to promote safe and responsible use of the Saco River and adjacent beaches and lands.

We aim to address a wide range of issues relating to the use of the river. Safety concerns include promoting the use of life jackets (required by law), proper canoeing techniques, and awareness of changing river conditions. Issues associated with responsible land use include trash removal, burial of human waste and toilet paper, preservation of live trees, and considerate treatment of other people along the river. We also runs several grant-based programs to educate the public about the threat of invasive species and to perform courtesy boat inspections to ensure invasive plants are not introduced into the river. Our other outreach projects focus on raising awareness about Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics and how to camp, build fires, and responsibly use the land along the river.

Rec. Council Collage

Most of the policy implementation work of the SRRC is carried out by the Saco River Livery Association which has a seat on the Council. Part of that work is to apply for grants and to coordinate the Council's efforts with various governmental and non-governmental agencies such as the State of Maine, the Town of Fryeburg, and the Lakes Environmental Association among others. The Livery Association also hires and directs River Runners who form the public face of the SRRC. These seasonal employees are generally local students and are assigned the task of communicating the Council's goals to the people who use the river. Their main responsibility is to clean the trash from along the riverbanks left by the minority of river users who are either ignorant or careless of wilderness ethics.

Fryeburg PD

The SRRC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and we depend on the generosity of our donors and supporters who make our work possible.

Annual Sponsors

♦ Saco River Livery Association♦ Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry♦ Maine Department of Environmental Protection ♦ Mulford Fund♦ Lakes Environmental Association♦ Poland Spring

Board of Directors

♦ Ned McSherry - member at largePresident♦ Bob Tagliaferri - livery owner/operatorExecutive Director♦ Roy Andrews - landowner♦ Bob Hatch - member at large

Current Management

♦ Bob Tagliaferri - Executive Director♦ Beth Griffin - Swan's Falls an River Runner Supervisor♦ Adrienne Longo - Campground Manager♦ Michael Peck - Caretaker

Additional partners include the Lakes Environmental Association, Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, the Lovewell Pond Association, and the Fryeburg Police Department.