Parking and Access

The following parking areas are managed by the SRRC. All cars left in these lots must have a valid parking pass. Reservations for parking are highly recommended. Space is limited.

The funds collected for parking support SRRC programming that helps to ensure the river is clean, safe, and available for all to enjoy. 

All parking passes can be obtained at Swan's Falls Campground. Failure to display a pass can result in your vehicle being towed. 

Additional parking areas:

The following is a list of additional parking areas in the Fryeburg and Brownfield area. Please heed all signs and instructions that may be posted at these areas. Park at your own risk.

Canal Bridge, (Rte. 5 Fryeburg)

Brownfield Bridge, (160 Bridge, Brownfield)

There is very limited parking available at the Lovewell Pond Landing in Fryeburg at no cost; please do not park on or near the boat launch. Refer to the map for information on where to park.

Walker's Bridge is a privately owned and operated fee parking area.

You can pay all necessary parking fees for these areas at Swans Falls.

Landing at Lovewell Pond